The Sighted Blinds

One of the many thoughts passing through my mind on yet another sleepless night was a question i asked myself a hundred times in these past few days. What should my blog be oriented towards? Should it be political or about experiences? Should it show my deep travelling desires or shall i let my love for food win? But then, I don’t want it to be limited in a box under a genre.

Since it has been years that i wrote anything without examination pressure on me, i admit that i’m afraid of being judged by it like many others. But I had to let go of this fear for it was unworthy. I gathered all my courage and asked myself yet another difficult question. What should my first blog context be? Perhaps something that won’t look stupid to me when i re-read it after years. A beleif that would stay rock solid even after hundreds of storms.

One such beleif is about the notion of equality of the sexes. Being born to a family far less conservative than any other muslim family is a privilege i wish could be for all. I never saw restrictions over my education or friends or anything for that matter yet there were some small ones. For these small chapters also i won’t blame my parents though. The blame goes over the build up of our society. Our society that has so many vibrant colours sure does have dark ones too. The dark ones that many at times overshadows n number of women intrests and needs. However we can sight alot of the injustice being done on daily basis, i want to highlight something else. My concerns surface the most and often scare me when someone states “why is this an issue? ” or “there is no such thing happening, don’t over-react”. These are the ones that I want to address today. And what’s more shocking is that there are women also, who think there is no such issue as gender discrimination. In my personal opinion they (anyone who thinks it is not an issue) are the ones due to whom our goal is still years away. They are the ones who say “everyone is treated in the same way” and then go home and disrespect their wives, scare them if they ever raise their voices or even beat them for that matter.

The problems such as domestic abuse, eve teasing etc. arise because of theĀ  unacknowledgment on the part of families. The families who unknowingly teach their kids the same things and pass their legacy. What wasn’t an issue for parents won’t be an issue for their children. They would accept it just as society has accepted it. The change we want won’t be acheived until the people recognise and realise how deeply rooted and unjust it is. The sighted blinds will have to open their minds up and treat their fellows with similar love and respect as they would want.

(And for the women who think of it as a non-issue, history has evidences how women were treated then. Have a look and compare it to your today’s state. You will know the no. of problems we had and the ones women fought for. One example being the right to vote that you enjoy. )